Other Work


Consonni srl. performs work at the customer’s site on parts whose size does not allow off-site treatment.

The technology used for this kind of processing is called: buffer treatment.
This galvanic technology (not by spraying, brushing, or heating) allows metal to be applied on other metals.
One of the advantages of the buffer treatment is that, since anodes interface directly with cathodes (the part to be coated), both the tip effect and the electric shading areas are avoided, which allows deposits of homogeneous thickness, unlike what happens with galvanic treatment by immersion.
The work that can be performed is silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, gold plating, and chromium plating, as well as other passivations.

The system is guaranteed according to procedures certified by the ISO 9001 quality system for thickness and adhesion. Following the supply, a declaration of conformity to the request is issued.