Electroplating treatments

CONSONNI is equipped with highly versatile galvanic installations, specifically projected and constructed to meet the various requirements of the industry, including a modern and efficient varnishing-line and a well-equipped mechanics workshop.
This permits us to offer a complete service, avoiding the auxiliary of external thirds, thus ensuring a first class and highly qualified finished product.
Amongst the assortment of treatments available we can briefly list the following alternatives, such as: gilded, silver-plating, chemical nickel-plating, precious alloys plating.
For each treatment listed above, there is the option of specific variations, having different functional and aesthetic characteristics, depending on the requested application.
Such treatments can be carried out on iron, copper, zinc, aluminium and aluminium alloys ( brass, zama etc…. ) and upon specific request, on other metals too.
The maximum surface dimension of the item to undergo treatment is equivalent to 3400 mm.