Galvanic treatments

3-meter automatic galvanic line

As part of continuous improvement, Consonni Srl installed a three-meter automatic line for galvanic treatments..

Consonni Srl has an automatic galvanic line with three meter baths for the treatment of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, iron and copper.  

The galvanic treatments available on this line are the following:

  • Nickel-plating (glossy, opaque, columnar and microporous),
  • Copper plating,
  • Brass plating,
  • Chromium plating,
  • Gold plating,
  • Black Nickel Plating,
  • Black chromium plating,
  • Tin plating,
  • Bronze plating,
  • Burnishing in glossy and matte variations.

The cleaning, satin finishing, painting and other treatments remain unchanged.